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How to *start* learning anything (+ I now have a Matrix account)

Created on 2021-11-18

Hey guys! As the title suggests, today I will talk about how to start learning anything.

I always have one problem when I start learning anything, whether it's language, music, or web development. No matter what skill it is, I always run to this problem!

How do I even start?

I'm sure this so-called "method" is known by a lot of people already, but I'm gonna share anyways.

Step 1: (Try) finding a buddy who knows the thing already

Now, my first move is to ask someone that knew what they were doing already. However, there's only two problems with that. Firstly, you aren't always lucky. It's not that often to find these kind of people that are willing to give out these stuff. Now if you find that person, chance is they are gonna let you pay for it.

If this works for you, great! You essentially have the "fast pass" for step 2, but although you should read it.

Step 2: Build your foundation!

Here's the fun, and the hardest part. Once you get past this you will be fine. What you will need to do is to look up how much foundation knowledge, the bare essential (such as basic grammars on languages or HTML if you are doing web). Remember to practice every single day, even though it's gonna be like one minute or something (I'm serious, even one minute would do)

Step 3: Build your damn routine!

It's not about how much time you spend with it, even though it's like 1 minute (of course it's gonna be at least 5-30 minutes, but if you are really busy or tired, just do 1 minute), but don't overload yourself. Even though you can't build the foundation in time, you should build a routine! Aim for 21 consecutive days, and it will become a damn routine!

Step 4: Explore the real world

Now, if you are done with the foundation and stuff, just explore using your favourite search engine! You got stuck? Search it! You want to see what are out there? Search it! Whatever you do, just search and apply it!

Note: you could just skip to step 3 if you want to, but foundation really gives you a headstart!

And that's it! You now know how to learn anything now, just don't give up! (sorry, I don't know what to say now lol)

Sidenote: I now have a Matrix account!

I figure out I should have a FOSS solutions for chatting and stuffs. Just add me on and let's chat!

P.S. I'm also participating in #100DaysToOffload, this is post #1

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