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Hello, World!

Created on 2021-11-16

Hi~!, I think I will introduce myself again, I'm CCSleep and I'm a really aspired learner! I have renovated this web to include a blog!

For the first post, uh, what should I say? I have renovated this web a few times, the first time it's my little introduction and a few throwaway dynamic pages, literally written in MDBootstrap (now that's even more bloated than vanilla Bootstrap), so I literally rewrite the web to be pure HTML, although it doesn't have that much infomation in there.

Lately, I begin to hear about simple.css and was really fascinated how easy you could have a throwaway web, also with the and I was impressed by their web design! I would like to thank these webs for inspirations:

This web theme is mostly based on gruvbox and CSS stylesheet is mostly copied from simple.css. Shoutout to both for publishing the theme for free (and open source)!

As for the content management, it's pure HTML static pages. Actually, I would like to use something like Jekyll or Hugo, but for me this just works (lol).

Alright, guess I have nothing to say now. Hope to see you in the next blog!

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