Revamping this site

Created at 2023/05/30 15:58

Updated at 2023/07/20 10:56

Hello! As you can see, this web is heavily under construction.

That's because I'm making this site dynamic, that means some of the pages is served with a backend.

Why this change?

My recent website hasn't seen any updates for the last 6 months or something. All of the web is just static HTML with no generators. Now, after I attended a few cosplay events (never cosplayed yet), I figured out I want a web that help me arrange images I took at the event (not just cosplay), as well as keeping track who is in the image. I don't really use Facebook or Instagram, so I figure out I would just put it on the web.

How did you make this? What language did you use?

I don't know why didn't I just use SSG or write one, so I write a basic CMS with PHP and MySQL which just put markdown (and title) on the web.


Chill, I just want to write this web in like a day or two and just works, that's why I use PHP lol. Unless you really want the web in 1 day like me, I encourage you to use a SSG or use other frameworks lol. Plus, I write this web on my mobile phone (seriously)

Other features?

Well, an image gallery is being worked on right now, as well as a page which showed links to everyone in my galleries, so stay tuned!

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