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Welcome to the new!

Hi~! Thanks for checking out my site!

My name is, well, I forgot, but just call me CCSleep! I like learning new things, so much so I would be an aspired learner! Here are some of my interests:

Currently Learning

  1. Japanese (although I don't watch anime, sorry!)
  2. Blogs

What I (kinda) Learned In the Past

  1. Music Production
  2. Computers (especially web development)
  3. Voice Synthesizers (such as UTAU, those things were fascinating)
  4. etc.

What's this website for?

Great question! Here you could find my personal projects, files, and blogs! My site used to host nothing useful other than a few tests and a little front page, so this web was (re)made.

Where can I contact you?

I use Matrix, Discord and Twitter (hope to move to purely FOSS solutions soon), also you can mail me as well.